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Discipline Vs. Punishment: What do punishments teach?

By punishment we mean harm, physical/emotional/psychological abuse. Should we use fear and intimidation to punish our kids? Drop a comment below

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The Teenage Brain and its Effects on Behavior

Frances Jensen, MD, Sr. Associate in Medicine & Director of Epilepsy Research at Boston Children’s Hospital, talks about how brain connectivity in teenagers impacts the way they make behavioral judgments.


Parenting with Positive Discipline – Family Life in Canada

By building a social support network, newcomer parents and children can feel less stress and isolation. By using positive discipline, parents can build a relationship with their child that will last forever. This way, families can manage the changes that come with building their new life in Canada.

This video is part of the Family Life in Canada resource series. The series aims to help newcomers adjust to life in Canada and encourages them to access information, programs, services and resources in their community.

Video funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
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Positive Discipline in Everyday Life:

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Asking for Help – 60-Second Positive Parenting

While parents may not be handed an instruction manual the day their child is born, there are plenty of resources available to help moms and dads through the rough patches. In this segment of 60-Second Positive Parenting, child psychologist Geoffrey Putt, PsyD, director of parenting and family support services at Akron Children’s Hospital, discusses some of the benefits of the Positive Parenting Program, held at the main campus in Akron.


Encouraging Words for Single Parents: Parenting is a Calling


Operant Conditioning: Reinforcements and Punishments


Positive Parenting S02 E02: The differences between discipline and punishment

It’s a show that may learn you how to deal with your kids, and how to bring them up in the right way.

How could we teach our children without destroying them?
What are the ways of punishments?
What are the consequence of the inappropriate punishment?

Watch the episodes of Positive parenting season 2 only on CYC


The Premack Principle (or First: Then Rule), Positive Reinforcement Strategy

Also known as the “Grandma’s Rule”. This is a great positive reinforcement strategy to use with your child.

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How Do You Handle Discipline at Home?

No matter whether your child has entered the “terrible twos,” or your kids are approaching adolescence, knowing how to handle discipline at home can be a challenge. In this video, you’ll hear how some of the MomDocs handle discipline and deal with different parenting challenges. And as part of our Mother’s Day series, you’ll also get to hear from some special guests about their thoughts on discipline.

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When Do I Step In? – 60-Second Positive Parenting

Letting children settle their disputes can teach valuable life lessons, so when do mom or dad need to “referee” the outcome? In this segment of 60-Second Positive Parenting, child psychologist, Geoffrey Putt, PsyD, director of parenting and family support services at Akron Children’s Hospital, shares a few tips about when to step in.


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