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Operant Conditioning: Reinforcements and Punishments


Understanding Your Parental and Social Conditioning
Understanding Your Parental and Social Conditioning Advanced self hypnosis and healing CD and MP3 for help with Parental and Social conditioning.


Operant Conditioning: Positive Punishment

By Harleen Sethi, Krishana Raghubeer and Dana Kim


Psychology video – Skinner and the wonderful world of operant conditioning

A husband learns from skinner and his pet pals how to condition his wife.


How a Child can Be Classically Conditioned

Using a Psychological method, we are able to condition children to treat some bad habits, such as drinking soda.


Peggy Andover: The difference between classical and operant conditioning

Why is it that humans react to stimuli with certain behaviors? Can behaviors change in response to consequences? Peggy Andover explains how the brain can associate unrelated stimuli and responses, proved by Ivan Pavlov’s famous 1890 experiments, and how reinforcement and punishment can result in changed behavior.

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Dad Hitting Me With Chopsticks – Misapplying Classical Conditioning In Parenting (Pavlov Explained)

My dad’s use of corporal punishment and classical conditioning was incorrect and ineffective. In this vlog, I break down what my dad did wrong, how my dad could’ve done it right, and I show you actual footage of the Baby Albert experiment that my father should have studied harder. Something I didn’t mention in this vlog was the classical conditioning concept of “generalization,” which is what the Baby Albert experiment by Watson was really trying to test. Basically, Baby Albert ended up fearing anything that looked like a rat because he generalized that stimulus (unconditioned to conditioned) to other similar-looking objects like bunnies, furry appliances, and a guy in a bunny mask. I give a shoutout to Professor Rescorla of University of Pennsylvania for teaching that class on learning. I hated his class, but I did get classical conditioning pounded into my head to be able to make this vlog 🙂 Also, Classical Conditioning is also called Pavlovian Conditioning because Pavlov made it famous through his dog experiment. Warning: despite my lighthearted tone in this, do not hit your kids or treat them like lab rats, your kids will have no respect for you when they’re an adult.

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Classical Conditioning? Great Parenting.


Best Parenting Videos: Dawn Billings – B F Skinner vs. Capables Behavior Parenting Expert Dawn Billings, creator of the NEW Parenting Tool – Toddler Toys called Capables shares the difference between traditional behavior modification theories and the Early Childhood Capables G.R.E.A.T.T. Learning System behavior modification Cape and badges of honor.


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