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What Is It Like Parenting A Child With Attachment Disorder?

In this video, families open up and share what it has been like parenting a child with Attachment Disorder. Want more information to help heal your child?

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What is Attachment Parenting? Is this your Parenting-Style?

Find out how important Attachment Parenting is to your child development. Gordon Neufeld, Ph.D. is a developmental psychologist and author.

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Episode 092 – Sleep Training and Attachment Parenting

There’s a commonly held belief among the devotees of attachment parenting that sleep training isn’t compatible with their parenting style. That’s not surprising, since one of the founders of the attachment parenting movement, Dr. Bill Sears, amended the core principles of his system to include “Beware of baby trainers.”

But having worked with parents who subscribe to this approach, I have found that there’s plenty of room for compromise. You can stick to every fundamental rule of the attachment parenting model and still teach your baby the skills they need to sleep through the night.


How We Parent Our INFANT | Natural, Gentle, Attachment Parenting

We are only complex because of what we were given. We are simple because of what we ARE.


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The View on Attachment Parenting with guest Dr. Bill Sears

The View hosts interview guest Dr. Bill Sears on The Time Magazine feature on attachment parenting. They reference co-sleeping, breastfeeding, and “making working mothers feel guilty.”


1 Year Of Attachment Parenting: Our Experience

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Our raw vegan baby Elanie has turned 1 year old! During this year, we’ve been applying the attachment parenting principles, such as breastfeeding on demand, co-sleeping and baby carrying.

In the modern world attachment parenting is seen is something negative. “Your child will become too dependent on you!” “He or she will be spoilt and be too demanding!” These are just some of the things that you will hear people say.

So in this video we talk about our attachment parenting and cover the following areas:

• Breastfeeding: how long should you do it for?
• Co-sleeping: does it spoil your child and ruin your relationship?
• Baby carrying: does it get too hard to carry your child around?
• Alternative parenting in the conventional world: a crazy idea or the way forward for humanity?

What are your thoughts and experiences about aware parenting? Do you think it can spoil your child? Post your comments below!

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How We Parent | Natural Gentle Attachment Parenting | We Are The Guides

We are only complex because of what we were given. We are simple because of what we ARE.

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Dr Michelle Golland | Attachment Parenting : Good or Bad? CNN

May 10, 2012


Attachment vs. Attachment Parenting

Chaya Kulkarni, Director of Infant Mental Health Promotion at the Hospital for Sick Children, explains the difference between attachment and attachment parenting and gives tips on healthy bonding.


Katie Hopkins and Peaches Geldof Debate Attachment Parenting | This Morning | ITV

Peaches Geldof is a supporter of attachment parenting, Katie Hopkins thinks it’s new age nonsense! Let the This Morning debate begin…


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