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Pediatricians Debunk 16 Myths About Raising Kids

A pediatrician and a developmental psychologist from the Mount Sinai Parenting Center debunk 16 of the most common myths about raising children. They explain how strict parents don’t raise well-behaved kids and how kids don’t get hyper on sugar. They also debunk the idea that a slap on the bottom never hurt anyone — in fact, it could lead to covert negative behaviors in children.

Pediatricians Debunk 16 Baby Myths

Veterinarians Debunk 15 Dog Myths

Psychologists Debunk 25 Mental-Health Myths


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Pediatricians Debunk 16 Myths About Raising Kids


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tips to raising children

Parenting Advice – 3 Basic Tips for Raising Successful Children

Raising a family is no small task. Learn the 3 basic tips to raising children.

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things great parents do different

18 Things Great Parents Do Differently

What are some things great parents do differently? What traits do good parents have in common? Listen to find out more.

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becoming a parent changes you

Joe Rogan – Becoming a Parent Changes You

Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub on parenting.

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advice for my kid getting bullied by therapist

The Effects of Bullying: What Parents Need to Know

Let’s Talk Bullies

Dr. Sarah Garwood, an adolescent pediatrician with Washington University at St. Louis Children’s Hospital discusses the signs, effects, and prevention of bullying. As parents, we have to pay close attention to what’s happening in the lives of our children in order to notice the signs of bullying and properly address the emotional effects of bullying.

The Effects Of Bullying

The effects of bullying can appear as early as preschool. Bullying instances seem to increase during the elementary school years, peak in middle school, then decrease in frequency in high school.

Medical literature shows that the long-term effects of bullying can be devastating to children if the situation is not handled correctly. The effects of bullying can appear not only in the current mental health of your child but can extend far into adulthood.

Adults who have a history of being bullied as children have higher rates of anxiety and depression. In some studies, the depression and anxiety rates in adults who were bullied as children are as high or even higher than those of kids who have been abused.

How do you know if your child is being bullied?

Some signs that your child might be experiencing the effects of bullying are:

  • Sudden changes in behavior. Your child may seem sad, withdrawn or angry if they are being bullied.
  • Lost or broken personal items. Damage to physical belongings like books or missing lunch money is a common indicator that your child might be bullied at school.
  • Physical symptoms such as headaches, stomachaches or changes in sleeping and eating habits. Be aware of the physical signs of bullying in younger children, as they may not be able to express their emotions through words as effectively as kids who are older.
  • Loss of friends or changes in friendship patterns. Children who are being bullied at school will typically avoid social situations because of the decreased self-esteem that bullying causes.

What are some bullying prevention methods?

First, it’s important to talk to your kids every day about their experience at school. Try to get your child to open up by asking about the good things and bad things that happened during the day. Here are a few questions you can ask if you are struggling to get your child to talk about being bullied:

  • How was your day at school?
  • Who did you sit with at lunch?
  • What did you do at recess?
  • Who are your friends, allies, and trusted adults at the school?
  • Who can you go talk to when things get really bad?

If you discover that your child is being bullied at school, the most important piece of advice you can give your child is to remain calm. In order to prevent future bullying, it is best to advise your child to calmly walk away from the situation. Bullies typically feel powerful because they are able to control the emotions of others, and it is best for your child not to give the bully that satisfaction.

If you have any questions about the signs of bullying, bullying prevention methods, or the effects of bullying, contact the Family Resource Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital at 314.454.2350 or ask your pediatrician for more advice.

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advice for parents kids messy room

3 Reasons Why a Messy Bedroom is Actually Good for Kids

The next time you walk by your kid’s messy bedroom, resist the urge to demand a clean up and consider just closing the door. Unless there’s a health or safety concern, there are some compelling reasons to let your kid’s messy bedroom stay that way.

1. Parenting is often about picking your battles.

Consider whether the fight for a tidy bedroom is a battle you might be willing to lose in order to save energy for the one you’re not. Dirt can become dangerous, but if it’s just clutter, it isn’t likely to do any real harm.

2. This might be more about you than about your kid.

Some parenting challenges stem from parents’ need for control in the midst of the chaos of life. Think about whether your craving for a cleanroom is really about what’s best for your kid or maybe more about you.

3. Kids deserve a comfort zone to call their own.

Maybe a messy space isn’t such a bad thing. Many experts believe a kid’s room should be their sanctuary. Consider agreeing on a few ground rules—as laundry goes in the hamper, and dirty plates and food packaging get brought to the kitchen promptly—and then let your kid be.

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LoveParenting: How to Ignore Your Child

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How to Raise Great Children

Children are one of the greatest gifts in life, but parenting can be a test on every level. Jimmy and Karen Evans discuss how to raise great children as you build a great marriage.

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Jordan Peterson How To Raise Your Children


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