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Mother Delivers Quadruplets at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns

Katie and Charlie’s journey began with a surprise ultrasound filled with four tiny, beating hearts. Sharp HealthCare helps Katie through a high-risk pregnancy …


Isa Gucciardi: "Conscious Parenting" | Talks at Google

In order to offer our children as many opportunities to be successful in navigating the complexities of modern life, we have to gain greater awareness of how we …


infant distress warning signs

What are Infant Distress Warning Signs?

See this amazing animation on infant distress warning signs and symptoms of breathing problems from Cook Children’s.

Babies don’t come with an operating manual. But don’t worry! Cook Children’s pediatricians can answer any question you have and then some. Visit our newborn center for answers covering pregnancy, parenthood and all things newborn.

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tips to raising children

Parenting Advice – 3 Basic Tips for Raising Successful Children

Raising a family is no small task. Learn the 3 basic tips to raising children.

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things great parents do different

18 Things Great Parents Do Differently

What are some things great parents do differently? What traits do good parents have in common? Listen to find out more.

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Attachment advice for parents

What Is It Like Parenting A Child With Attachment Disorder?

In this video, families open up and share what it has been like parenting a child with Attachment Disorder. Want more information to help heal your child?

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Better you, the better parent. Find out here

becoming a parent changes you

Joe Rogan – Becoming a Parent Changes You

Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub on parenting.

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how to become an authoritative parent

How to Become an Authoritative Parent Many parents worry how much control or authority to use with their children. This article looks at parenting styles and helps you understand how to use an authoritative parenting style.


Irritability in Children – How Parents Can Help

Dr. Ellen Leibenluft, NIMH Emotion and Development Branch, discusses how parents can help an irritable child.

For more information, see NIMH Science Update:
Game Corrects Children’s Misreading of Emotional Faces to Tame Irritability

NIMH research studies focusing on severe irritability are enrolling participants ages 6-16. For more information, visit the website, call 301-496-8381 or email

Mechanism-Based Treatments for Irritability in Youth
Melissa Brotman, Ph.D., NIMH
NIH Videocast
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Podcast #416: The Self-Driven Child | The Art of Manliness

Recent surveys have shown that anxiety and depression are up amongst school-aged children and teens. Parents and teachers are also reporting a decrease in motivation amongst young adults. My guests today argue that both issues stem from the same problem and can be solved with the same solution.

Their names are Bill Stixrud and Ned Johnson. Bill’s a clinical neuropsychologist and Ned is a college test prep coach. In their book, The Self-Driven Child, they make the case that modern helicopter parenting and highly structured school schedules and after-school activities are part of the problem of increased anxiety and decreased motivation amongst young people. The solution is to start letting your kids make their own choices and experience the consequences of those choices — both the good and the bad. Today on the show, we discuss specific ways parents can let their kids make their own decisions and why this doesn’t mean you let your kids do whatever they want. With each tip, they explain the science of why it helps increase intrinsic motivation. Lots of great actionable advice. Even if you’re not a parent, you’ll find the advice on developing intrinsic motivation to actually be pretty helpful for grown-ups too.

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