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What Are The Three Main Parenting Styles?

There are a lot of parenting styles. But what are the 3 main parenting styles you need to be aware of?

1) Stage 1 is the least mature stage. 1:30] Kids are usually selfish, manipulative, getting out of control. The parenting style required for this stage is ‘Consequence’. Since there’s no cooperation from children, you have to pick a kind of consequence that doesn’t require cooperation at all.

2) Stage 2 is about cooperation 3:49]. Kids are already cooperating with you. Now, you’re willing to negotiate. “Let’s work together” is a hallmark of Stage 2. Now you choose a kind of consequence that requires cooperation. You can make them write an essay about a rule he broke, who is hurt by it and what’s his commitment looking forward. Now, you communicate with them. So this parenting style is called, “Communicator.”

3) Stage 3 is called the “Consultant”. 6:53] This happens when your kids are older and ask for your advice.

When kids shift from different stages, you also get to shift along with them with your parenting style.

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